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Twelve Days of Obamacations

The hoopla surrounding the Obama’s “historic” trip to India following the expected Democrat/Obama thumping at the polls on November 2 has really not reached fever pitch yet so I wanted to get my licks in early.  Amid concerns of Indian officials that his visit will increase the likelihood of violence as extremists look for publicity the level of security has been heightened.  While the President deserves security, maybe some accommodations could be made for economy.  We are in the worst recession since the Great Depression after all.

The Twelfth Imam

“O mighty Lord, I pray to you to hasten the emergence of your last repository, the Promised One, that perfect and pure human being, the one who will fill this world with justice and peace.  Make us worthy to prepare the way for his arrival, and lead us with your righteous hand.  We long for the Lord of the Age.  We long for the Awaited One.  Without him – the Righteously Guided One – there can be no victory.  With him, there can be no defeat.  Show me your path, O mighty Lord, and use me to prepare the way for the coming of the Mahdi.”

We Are The Enemy????

“The art of war is simple enough. Find out where your enemy is. Get at him as soon as you can. Strike him as hard as you can, and keep moving on.”

Ulysses S. Grant

News Briefs Volume XVII

News briefs are a collection of interesting news stories…

Brief 1:  Finally some decent news for those of us men on the higher end of the weight scale.  We cannot really wear tight Lycra bike shorts, Speedo swim briefs (no one except for competitive swimmers should anyway), or vertical stripes, but it seems that heavier men actually have heavier paychecks than their skinnier counterparts.  Of course the thinner guys get more women since they don’t care about how much a man makes.  The news is not so good for women whose paychecks are inversely proportional to their weight.

Update – Hypocrisy

My original post dealt more with the political side of hypocrisy primarily because of the season in an important mid-term election.  The main problem that I had with the post was to keep it focuses with all of the hypocrisy out there.  Two recent items screamed for inclusion under hypocrisy.

Power Down

You can add author Ben Coes to the list of my favorite thriller writers Vince Flynn, Ted Bell, Brad Thor, and Daniel Silva.  In Power Down the United States is attacked by fundamentalist terrorists after burrowing into our country’s infrastructure for decades.  The attacks are concentrated on our ability to produce energy.  As intelligence agencies race against time to stop future attacks two unlikely characters become heroes in the cause. 

Don’t Be Cross When I

Of all places to get inspiration, my muse for this post revealed herself in the Costco dining area where I was about to enjoy one of their quarter pound hot dogs and a pop (that’s what we call it in Pittsburgh) for only $1.70.  A new mother (I think you may know where this is going) decided to feed her infant child.  She was very modest, but the “tent” that she erected was like an eye magnet.  It was like passing an accident; you don’t want to look, but you still do. 

Headline Humor – Volume III

I know many of these stories are serious, but the headlines removed the restrain from my brain and we get headline humor.  These are the actual headlines as I found on-line.  When you click on the headline you will be taken to the original story which more often than not has nothing to do with my vision of the headline.

Fearing rout, Obama, Dems reach to female voters

Quakers, anti-war rallies on alert list

Bill Maher: Obama Would Be A Better President ‘If He Was Fully Black’

Democrats waging ‘military campaigns’ for Congress

Behind Every Great Philanthropist Is…

I heard a quote once that went something like this, “behind every great philanthropist is an equally great tragedy.”  Unfortunately I could find neither the exact quote or the wise man who said it.  Rush Limbaugh did a piece on large corporate giants Apple and Google and how they skillfully and legally avoid paying United States taxes on profits made overseas.  Both Apple and Google have created a socially responsible public image while conducting their businesses in perhaps a way that might seem hypocritical to the jaded person.