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Jumping Jack Flash It’s A Ga$ Ga$ Ga$

Those living in Western Pennsylvania have been the object of a blitzkrieg of advertising about gas.  More specifically a very deep natural gas pocket found in the Marcellus Shale Formation.  Some estimates put the volume of gas in the formation at 500 TRILLION cubic feet which has fostered a great deal of interest in drilling this formation which is concentrated in the West Virginia-Pennsylvania-New York areas.  West Virginia and Pennsylvania seem to have the greatest potential.  Capture of this gas found in very deep geologic formations is not without significant costs and risks to both the drillers and the environment.  I would rather focus on the financial part, but did not want to overlook this issue.


“Enough” shouted George Soros, “the American people have figured us out.  I am tired of seeing stupid TEA Party folks grabbing headlines.  We need to respond and have our own rally in Washington.  Money is no object.  Just get more people there than Beck had.” 

This is of course fictional, but I envision that similar conversations were held throughout the liberal/progressive elitist organizations and universities since Glenn Beck’s widely successful 8-28 march on Washington. 

Summers’ Solstice

My alternate title for this piece was “And Then There Was One.”  When White House economic “guru” Larry Summers announced that he would be resigning from Obama’s economic team leaving only Tim Giethner from the original dream team.  Summers exit was preceded by Peter Orszag and more recently Christina Romer abandoning the sinking Bad Ship Obama.  I remember that these folks were touted as the best and brightest and best suited to lead us out of our recession.

Update True American Hero – Vaclav Klaus

A while back I presented the Czech Republic’s President Vaclav Klaus as a True American Hero for his demonstrative free market views that paralleled those of America’s Founding Fathers.  If you paid any attention to the United Nations’ events last week you were inundated with coverage of Mamoud Imanutjob (I know it is spelled wrong, but the man doesn’t deserve my time to get it right) and our fretful leaders’ anemic response.  The United States needs to quit throwing money away at this group of thugs parading around in thousand dollar suits lamenting the plight of the poor.

Pools of Polls

If you are like me and pay attention to politics and current events you have been inundated the past number of years with polling data.  Conservatives tout the results of polls that reinforce their message and the same goes for the progressives on the left.  A persistent poll during George W. Bush’s presidency was about how many Americans were against the war.  The problem with the reporting was that left-progressive main stream media combined those who were just against the war (those on the left) with those on the right who felt that the United States was not doing enough. 

There’s A Hair In My Dirt

From the insane mind of Gary Larson comes a story about of all things, worms.  In There’s a Hair in My Dirt! A Worm’s Story Larson combines his usual (actually unusual) sense of humor in a format very much like a children’s book as he chronicles the life of little boy worm who hates being a worm.  Larson stays true to the science as there are not arms or legs on these worms.  Father does smoke a pipe, they have furniture, eyes, teeth, and speak, but other than that it is pretty true to science.


I would have expected the communist Castro to swing left-handed.

So what is “MLC” you ask.  It is Major League Communism and it has been in existence here in Pittsburgh for many years.  Major League Baseball has implemented a mini-communist experiment that would make Karl Marx proud “to each according to his needs and from each according to his ability” or as MLB calls it, revenue sharing.  This seems like a fair thing that the “richer” clubs pay more to support the “poor” clubs.  Maybe we should call this “Sports Justice.”


“S.O.A. [Sword of Allah] was one of the newer Muslim gangs to take power within the American prison system, after only two, maybe three years of existence in hte United States.  It was a group that had already proven itself extraordinarily capable of any atrocity.  Scary things?  Harry told him CIA estimated that total American S.O.A. prison membership already at over five thousand and climbing.  That’s five thousand suicidal terrorists sitting around in the slam every day thinking up new ways to kill Americans.”

Headline Humor – Volume II

I know many of these stories are serious, but the headlines removed the restrain from my brain and we get headline humor.  These are the actual headlines as I found on-line.  When you click on the headline you will be taken to the original story which more often than not has nothing to do with my vision of the headline.

Poverty rate at highest level in half-century, data show

‘It’s hell. I can’t stand it!’ Carla Bruni reveals what Michelle Obama REALLY thinks of being First Lady

The recession is over! So where’s the party?