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Arguing With Idiots

Arguing with idiotsThis is my third Glenn Beck book that I have read and it is by far the best.  As a person who pays attention to political issues, I found An Inconvenient Book and Common Sense a little basic though containing new information.   In Arguing with Idiots Glenn Beck provides a great deal of information for people in tune with politics and enough to blow the others away.  Glenn should have provided either some duct tape with the book or at least a coupon to buy a roll. 

You’re Fired!

blago trump hairA recent news story caught my eye and may be the harbinger of the begining of the end of the endless reality televsion series.  Mr. Political Bad Hair may meet Mr. Business Bad Hair.  The rumours have not been confirmed, but it appears that disgraced former governor Rod Blagojevich may appear on The Donald’s reality show, The Apprentice.  It may be telling to see how inept politicians are in the “real world” and have to make, rather than take, money.  I don’t expect much from a politician.

Racism In America

The election of Barack Hussien Obama was supposed to usher in the post-racial age in America.  In a disturbing example of racist views, several National Football League players commented that they would not play for an owner who happens to have a different skin color.  The proposed owner is part of an investment group that is looking to purchase the St. Louis Rams.

Update – ReWriting History

ColumbusIn fourteen hundred ninety-two
Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

Ninety men survived the long trip,
Tired of Columbus’ wrathful whip.

When finally he arrived on shore,
The natives of him were unsure.

The people he was sure to exploit,
Of that it seems he was most adroit.

Rather than a national hero,
Columbus is a mean, old zero.

This is not the way we learned Columbus’ song when I was young, and this is my interpretation about how they teach about our heroes these days.  It seems that many schools are taking the gloves off and showing old Christopher in a different light.  The light is flourescent and not very flattering as these quotes attest:

Thinkpol (think – poll)

Thinkpol is defined as:

“Also known as the Thought Police in George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four

Synonyms:  NHL, NFL, college speech codes, McCain-Feingold, “Hate Crime,”

Can you use it in a sentence?

thought policeThikpol use psychology and surveillance (even within homes) to seek out and destroy people who even think about challenging authority.  The Thought Police are used to investigate and punish citizens who have committed “thoughtcrime.”  The goal is to control speech.

Can you give me an example? 

Hell Must Have Frozen Over

Obama King of the worldBesides cold days in Hades, seeing pigs fly, and wonders never ceasing, I finally agree with something that our Nobel Prize winning President said:

“To be honest, I do not feel that I deserve to be in the company of so many of the transformative figures who’ve been honored by this prize.”

True American Hero – Rep. Michele Bachmann

michelle-bachmanUnfortunately for Minnesota, they are recently most known for having a former boa-wearing wrestler as a governor and a tax-evading, “comedy” writer as their newest senator.  There is a bright spot withing the land of 10,000 lakes beside Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty and she is Representative Michele Bachmann.

Rep. Bachmann first appeared on my radar when she spoke out strongly about the 2010 census.  The federal government has a constitutional authority to conduct a count of the number of citizens:

Groundswell…Yes MSM It’s True!

I don't get many comments about this sticker, but when I do it is usually from some informed person and it sparks a good conversation.

When I get stopped about this sticker, it often sparks a good conversation.

A funny thing happened on the way to Subway today.  After I pulled into the parking slot a stranger came up to me and commented on a sticker that I have on my rear car windo.  It was not Jared the famed pitchman for the chain, but Mike who turned out to be a like-minded individual.  Mike asked about the sticker on my car and we had a great conversation about taxes, big government, and the future.

Separated At Birth – Gollum/Grayson

gollum - grayson with conscience 


Gollum Sméagolis a pitiable figure from the world of Middle Earth.  Controlled by the power of the ring that rules them all, he strugles to decide whether to serve his master, Frodo Baggins, or the powerful ring.  In a sad yet predictable the ending, the ring wins.

Alan Grayson is a pitiable figure from the world of Florida Democrat politics.  Controlled by the power of the Washington Beltway, he strugles to decide whether to serve the public as he did supporting an audit of the Fed or serve the politics of Pelosi.  In a sad yet predictable ending, his precious wins as he actually described his opponents’  heath care reform measures as “Republicans want you to die quickly.”