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Mea Culpa (mā’É™ kÅ­l’pÉ™)

Mea Culpa is is defined  as:

“An acknowledgment of a personal error or fault.”

Synonyms:  “eating crow”

Can you use it in a sentence?

meaculpa“Mr. Bush didn’t cough up his modified-limited mea culpa until he’d seen his whole administration flash before his eyes.” [This was the example actually used at for the definition.  The sentence is attributed to Frank Rich of the New York Times.  This is also a good example of a reporter expressing his opinion in his writing.  Calling a sitting president “Mr. Bush” is disrespectful.  One must ask “Why so Vitriolic, Frank?”]

Update – No Holds Barred

PD*26654216Update September 28, 2009:  It seems that I actually…hold the presses…agree with the French or maybe they agree with me.  You will not have read or heard about this in the American Main Stream Media, but French President Nicholas Sarkozy had some tough words for President Barack Hussein Obama after his apologetic speech to the United Nations:

“President Obama dreams of a world without weapons … but right in front of us two countries are doing the exact opposite.”

“Iran since 2005 has flouted five security council resolutions. North Korea has been defying council resolutions since 1993.”

Schooljail Rock by B.H. Obama

Obama threw a party in the public school,
The NEA was plannin’ some work for kids.
The organizer boy from Illinois went crash, boom, bang,
The teacher’s union was a complicit gang.
Lets praise Obama, lets praise.
Everybody in the whole schoolhouse
Was dancin’ to the schooljail rock.

Schooljail Rock

Obama threw a party in the public school.
The students were there and they began to wail.
Praisin’ Barack and the joint began to swing.
You shouldve heard those young kids sing.
Lets praise Obama, lets praise.
Everybody in the whole schoolhouse
Was dancin to the schooljail rock.

Full Court Press

878-JVST_MARYS-INGLEWOOD07_standalone_prod_affiliate_4Debate is still raging over Democare.  I am thinking that “Democare” may be more descriptive than Obamacare as we need to chain this legislation to all of the Democrats.  Let’s pin this to them like a tattoo.  Unfortunately, the left is still pushing a vigorous agenda of big government and big spending and wealth spreading.  Lest you are relaxing as Democare has taken a hiatus (you know it will be back) here are some of the other socialist agenda items that you may have missed:

No Holds Barred

UN_Fish_USAThe 24-hour news cycle is buzzing about the G20 summit hosted by the citizens of the Greater Pittsburgh area and the speeches earlier in the week by numerous world leaders (and I HATE to call most of them leaders) at the United Nations.  It was the usual bunch of blowhards, thugs, and apologists making claims and promising changes that will never happen.  One of the most frightening things suggested is “a new world order” giving even more power to the various un-elected dictators (and many who were “elected”) who rule with an iron fist.

S.S. Minnow Politics

rendell and obamaIf you are my age and you had a television, you probably grew up watching Gilligan’s Island.  I always thought that MaryAnn was more attractive than Ginger.  The series showed the exploits of a ship-wrecked crew of the S.S. Minnow as they tried to get off of a deserted island.  The two main characters were Gilligan, the bumbling first mate, and the Skipper, the experienced sea captain.  The Skipper was always mentoring (and that is before the term “mentor” was really mainstream) Gilligan to be a better seaman.


1984It had been quite a few years since I read George Orwell’s novel about the future and at time 1984 was the future.  Here we are 25 years past and I was compelled to read Nineteen Eighty-Four again as there seemed to be too many parallels to what is happening in America.  I am not suggesting that we have gotten to the same place as Orwell’s Oceana, but a number of recent events had a somewhat chilling effect on me.

True American Heroes – Andrew Breitbart

breitbartAndrew Breitbart seems to be doing what most of the news media will not do…bring us the news.  Maybe the media never did it and there were not alternative sources like Breitbart.  Breitbart has been at the forefront of the recent exposure of ACORN as a corrupt organization.  To be fair, Glen Beck and Bill O’Reilly have been investigating and reporting on ACORN for a while.  Their problem was that their reports were full of detail and facts. 

Update – Sesame Street T.E.A. Party Failure

912 tea partyUpdate September 21, 2009:  As the weeks pass since the Septbember 12, 2009 T.E.A. party protests in Washington D.C. others have compiled more comprehensive accounting of the number of people attending.  It has become apparent that the main stream media has perpetrated a fraud in vastly underestimating the number of peaceful protesters converging on Washington a little over a week ago.   One has to ask why?

The media in the United Kingdom did not seem to have the same difficulty assessing the crowd size.  It is very sad that the United States main stream media cannot see beyond their liberal blinders.  Pictures tell a different story that the media delivered.  One, again, has to ask why?

Update – Obamagear

Update:  Due to popular demand our staff and designers have been working hard to bring you more Obamagear products.  Enjoy!

Obamanopoly is the hot new board game in Washington, Los Angles, New York, and apparently Vermont although it has not been selling anywhere else in the country.  This is Chicago politics version of the classic Parker Brothers game.  The traditional Chance and Community Chest have been replaced with Change and Community Organizer cards.  You no longer have a chance to win money when you take your card.  The cards only feature different ways to spread the wealth.