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Separated At Birth – Grampa/Soros

Grandpa Munster(AKA Sam Dracula) was the sarcastic patriarch of the Munster family even though his son-in-law, Herman, owned the house and daughter, Lily, kept things together.  Often a behind the scenes character relegated to his subterranean lab, Grandpa hatches scheme after scheme and invention after invention.  As a vampire, he is active at night and one had to wonder what he was really up to and when one of his ideas would cause problems.

The Innocent

Imagine being a small town teenager at a party and something goes terribly wrong and someone ends up dead.  After you get out of jail you try to get your life back together.  You cannot believe your luck when you meet the perfect woman who does not care about your past…and she is pregnant.  Things are great until it all starts to unravel and nothing seems right.

The Innocent by Harlan Cobenfollows the tumultuous life of Matt Hunter as he tries to hold his new life together.  There are plenty of twists and turn to keep you entertained.  I have enjoyed Coben’s books and look forward to catching up with the rest of his works.

Priceless – Pennsylvania Style

Donate $196,000 to Pennsylvania’s Governor’s (Rendell) campaign.

Receive $2.1 million in state grants toward building/renovating offices.

Buy an old office Building off of the State of Pennsylvania for half its appraised value.

Rent office space back to the State of Pennsylvania with a 30 year commitment.

Having a Friend in Pennsylvania…priceless!

Separated At Birth – Leonidas/Emanuel

Leonidas was a former King of the warrior nation of Sparta.  Even if you are not a history buff, you have probably heard of the movie The 300 where Leonidas and his men fought to the last man.  The Spartans lead a very severe lifestyle in order to become great warriors.  Weak or infirm babies were abandoned to die as they were felt to be inferior and not valued by the society.  Spartan culture was all about the good of the society and men were taught to either return victorious (with their shields) or dead (upon their shields). 

Rule 13 Redux

We have another example of Saul Alinsky’s Rule 13 being effectively used to destroy another opponent of the left.  As a refresher, Rules For Radicals – Rule 13 is:

“Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

The target was fairly easy to pick this time as Glenn Beck of Fox News and his syndicated daily radio show.  Glenn was probably a wise pick as he really does not fit into the strict conservative mold.  He certainly drives me mad sometimes with the gloom and doom scenarios, but there is no doubt that he is a patriot.  His book, Glenn Beck’s Common Sense, is a best seller and he released the book directly to paperback to maximize its availability.  Beck also does not seem to be held in the same regard as conservative hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, or Mark Levin.  We should all be listening to how these hosts address Glen’s situation.


Released earlier this week, Vanished is the latest novel by Joseph Finder.  I had heard great things about Finder for a while, and this is the second book of his that I have recently read. 

This is a mystery/suspense novel that begins when a husband and wife are attacked.  The wife is hurt badly and survives, but the husband disappears, hence the name; Vanished.  The husband’s brother works for a private investigative firm and becomes involved in the search.  The cast includes, ex-military, government contractors, ex-torturers (yes he included references to torture at Guantanamo and Abu Gharib), a secretive wife, a mistress, and a troubled teenager.

Outrageous Out-takes

Sometimes I feel like there is so much crap happening in the world that I don’t know which item to invest my effort.  Yesterday was one of those days as I read the paper and found far too many items to leave any of them without comment, but I did not want to dedicate a whole post to them.  So here are my quick comments:

Item one:  The ailing Senator Ted Kennedy is seeking to have the rules changed in case he cannot fulfill his term.  Rather than a special election, Kennedy is hoping that the Massachusetts legislature changes the rules to allow the Governor to appoint a replacement so that his state will not lack representation by two senators.  That sounds pretty reasonable especially since it worked so well in Illinois


The sixteenth in the China Bayles series, Nightshade is probably my least favorite.  Nightshade takes up a storyline started in earlier books regarding China’s absentee father and the circumstances surrounding his death.  As with all of her books, you do not have to have read the others to enjoy this Nightshade, but I found Susan Wittig Albert’s efforts to bring the reader up to speed a little clumsy and distracting in this book. 

Nightshade is still an interesting book, however, if you have not read any of the others in the mystery series, read one of those first.

Let’s Drill Here, Not There!

The Obama White House may have finally begun listening to Newt Gingrich’s American Solutions push to Drill Here Drill Now campaign.  Highly touted as one component of energy independence drilling the vast American oil reserves makes a great deal of sense.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday that the Obama administration has committed at least $2 billion dollars for oil exploration and drilling in the Americas.  That figure may go to as much as $10 billion to promote national security.


A funny thing happened when I was recently looking to buy my first Obamagear t-shirt.  I was interested in finding a unique shirt, but I just could not find what I was looking for.  Should I go for the “believe” shirt or opt for the classic “Yes We Can?”  I was actually leaning more toward the “Yes We Did” design. 

As I was looking at web sites, I was pleased to find that I could buy all of my Obamagear easily at the NBC News Apparel web site.  I could even purchase a bobblehead (there has to be a joke there), a collection of campaign photographs, and my favorite the Obama Action Figure.  Unable to wait any longer, I dashed off my order.