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From Bob and Jill

I was recently reading a book, Uh-Oh by Robert Fulghum that I purchased a few years ago.  I only recently had the opportunity to read it.  I was enjoying the book and started to think about the book’s previous owner.  I noticed an inscription on the inside front cover of the book.  Nothing too fancy or any deep thoughts.  No Happy birthday, just a simple “from Bob and Jill.”  Who were Bob and Jill and what was their relationship to the previous owner?

Update – Everything Before “But” is Bull

Update May 4, 2009 – It still amazes me how men who make their money in the business world support the tactics of the Obama administration.  They do not agree with his actions, but still support him.  I have to wonder about their judgment.  In my earlier post, I provided several examples of big-named individuals who support President Obama, BUT spoke a different tune when discussing specifics of his policies.


I really did not start out this Framing the Dialogue web site to be an overtly political one.  Recent events and the rapidly changing climate in Washington tend to drag me into the mire. 

That is why it is great to escape with a book full of great stories by a great author.  In his third book, Robert Fulghum provides “some observations from both sides of the refrigerator door.”  Fulghum’s style is just that…style.

Obama Sells Sea Shells by the Sea Shore

I know that is an odd title, but I have been noticing something about President Obama’s speech patterns that is starting to bug me.  I am not just talking about the content of his leftist views, this about how he speaks.  It is one of those things that I wish that I had not noticed, because it makes it very hard for me to listen to him talk.  Again, I am not talking about his message.