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10,000 Steps A Day

I had heard many times that in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle (weight, exercise, mental status) a rule of thumb is to take at least 10,000 steps everyday.  In some ways that sounds like a lot, but as much as I walk in a day I thought I’d be close.  As I was browsing around Amazon I found a very cool pedometer that counts steps, estimates distance, calories burned and keeps a record of the last seven days measurements. 

As Amazon does so well it made some suggestions for additional products that I might like when I put the pedometer in my cart.  One suggestion that I took was 10,000 Steps a Day which is subtitled “walk your way to better health.”  I had visions of a book full of tips and tricks to help me achieve the 10,000 step threshold.  Author Greg Isaacs spent much of the book offering the typical advise about reducing fat intake, use less salt, exercise more, reducing caloric intake, etc.  Nothing ground-breaking here.  You can probably find similar advise on a thousand websites.  When I bought the book it did come with a free pedometer, but I used the Omron model below.

Click on the photograph to go to Amazon's page for this product

I do LOVE the Omron pedometer that I purchased and now carry it everywhere.  It fits nicely in my pants’ watch pocket.  I am in my first week and am finding my baseline number of steps per day.  The closest that I have come to the goal is 7,787 steps and that day included a long walk in the woods with my family.  I have a long way to go and hope to write about some positive results in a future post.

This is not really a “New Years Resolution”, but since it coincides with the first of the year it will be a good place to start.

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