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Snowflakes Struck – The Next Generation

As much as I try, I cannot always avoid headlines from news sources.  One of today’s was all about how some Notre Dame students walked out on the commencement speech delivered by Vice-President Pence.  It is interesting how these Snowflakes are proud to have walked out rather than listen to someone, who is not controversial or vile, but just may have a different perspective than they do.  I guess that’s society now…a very sad truth for them.  I don’t give a shit about them.  They’ll never make it in life outside of their liberal bubble.

The Enemy of My Enemy

The Enemy of My Enemy is my friend.  That’s how the quote goes and in this the second in author Richard Bard’s Brainrush series, a cadre of unlikely folks band together to fight another group of folks who have banded together to attack the United States.  Jake Bronson is back as the hero, but his super abilities are taking a toll on his body.  Jake and his friends race to save their loved ones as well as the country against the terrorists set on bringing down the “Great Satan”.


Brainrush by author Richard Bard is a story about Jake Bronson who is in the end stages of a very serious disease.  He is in the middle of an MRI when the unthinkable happens…there is an earthquake.  Jake seems to be okay, but something has changed.  Jake is not the same; Jake will never be the same.

Jake’s new abilities are noticed by what can only be described as a mad scientist (okay there would be other ways to describe him, but I’ll stick with the mad scientist moniker).  Once in his sights, neither Jake nor anyone around him is safe.  Will Jake’s new talents save himself, his friends, and even the world?

Crimes Against a Book Club

Crimes Against a Book Club is a light romp through the rich lives of the very rich folks of La Jolla, California.  Some of the rich ladies have a book club, but nobody really reads the books and these women have far too much money and are too snobby to really feel much for, but contempt.  There are some members who may just not be rich enough to garner the respect of the rest of the really rich folks.  A scheme develops to help some of these very wealth ladies lighten the load from their wallets.

Pretty Dead

If you happened upon my post and are looking at my book reviews you may have noted that I just posted the third review in a row of one book series which means that I read them back to back to back.  That means that I really enjoyed the novels. Pretty Dead is the third book in the Elise Sandburg Series.

Stay Dead

“Elise lowered her weapon and asked a question that had been dogging her for far too long. “Doesn’t anybody stay dead around here?”

Stay Dead is the second novel in the Elise Sandburg Series set in Savannah, Georgia.  Homicide Detective Sandburg is recovering from wounds and is confronted by a number of surprises including a serial killer dubbed “the organ thief” by the local press.  As you may guess, Sandburg and her “Yankee” partner try to solve the killings before the killer strikes again.

Play Dead

Play Dead is the first in the Elise Sandburg series.  Elise is a detective on the Savannah, Georgia police force.  She is a homicide detective and a very good one.  She is also rumored to be the daughter of an infamous “Root Doctor” from that city.  She has rejected that lifestyle for the more “legitimate” one…the more “real” one, but has a hard time outliving the legend of her deceased and very famous father and the wild stories that surround their lives.

The Odds of Loving Grover Cleveland

I was obviously attracted to this novel because of the title.  It didn’t take long to figure out that the title had absolutely NOTHING to do with President Grover Cleveland.  Nothing!

When you enter the world of The Odds of Loving Grover Cleveland you enter a story about a bunch of broken teens at what can best be called a “summer camp” for kids with problems.  The novel has some very compelling characters…sad characters…frightening characters…hopeful characters.  This is not a light novel!  The interplay of the characters is both brutal and loving at the same time.

Killing Hemingway

Killing Hemingway is noted as a “coming of age” novel.  That’s not generally my genre of choice, but it was also listed under humor and I need a little humor in my life.  Actually a lot of humor.

The hero in the story is a genius named Teddy Alexander.  Bored with the level of teaching at his school he decides to up the ante and “school” his ill-equipped teacher earning him a trip to the principal’s office.  Teddy’s poor behavior becomes the turning point in his life when the principal recognizes the gem that is Teddy.  The novel follows Teddy through his unusual life.