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The Program

programDistrict Attorney Kirsten Lord has lost nearly everything after convicting a man who not only vowed revenge, but followed up on his threat.  Forced into hiding with her daughter, she still doesn’t feel safe and that fear almost comes to fruition.  Lord has no option but to enter the federal witness protection program, known as The Program.  Only problem is that she had gained some national celebrity being a vocal critic of the program and she is not sure whether she can trust those who run the program to keep her safe.  Her situation become more complicated when an old case comes up for appeal and if the man loses he also loses his life.

Heat & Light

heat-and-lightIn the novel Heat and Light, author Jennifer Haigh takes aim at gas drillers and in general the gas industry.  That in itself is not unusual these days, but she has used the tactic of using the form of a novel.  The only real interesting part for me is that it is set in Pennsylvania and so those of us who live in the state have been deluged with information and misinformation about the industry;

He’d Take A Knee If He Could Get Away With It

obama-sadPresident Obama has a right to his opinion as all Americans do.  I have to wonder why he so often chooses to trash our country when he is on foreign soil as he did on his recent trip to Asia.  Some thoughtful person put together eighteen of his complaints about the United States.  I offer my response (if anyone cares) in italics after his comment.  One has to remember, Obama is not some third-string quarterback for a lousy NFL team…he is the President of the United States.  Many of the things that he complains about are actually worse since he took office in 2009!

The Heiress of Linn Hagh

The Heiress of Linn Hagh heiress of linnis the first in the Detective Lavender Mystery Series.  Thie series is set in 19th Century Europe so there are not any fancy forensics or gadgets to solve the mystery.  Detective Lavender and his Constable Woods have been hired by a young lady’s uncle to try to solve the mystery of her disappearance from her home where she has been living with her two step-brothers and a step-sister.

The case turns into more than a simple kidnapping as dark family secrets, a forest full of gypsies, and a mysterious woodland stalker all beset the two investigators.

The Neon Lawyer

neon lawyerPerhaps the best quote EVER to start a book about the evil in man…

“At his best, man is the noblest of animals.  Separated from law and justice, he is the worst.”

– Aristotle

Brigham Theodore worked as a “facilities technician” at a local school.  He worked as a janitor to put himself through law school and once he passed his bar exam he needed to find a real job in a market that was flush with lots of people wanting the same thing.  Theodore lucked into a practice that paid-as-he-worked and gave him a case on his first day…a DUI.  The practice was advertised with a big neon sign on the door, hence the name of this novel; The Neon LawyerI won’t say whether he won, but he did distinguish himself.

The Girl On The Train

girl on the trainI saw my wife reading this about a year ago and I though “chick book” by Paula Hawkins.  I don’t mean that in a negative way, but in a way to describe a book that I most likely would not like (e.g. far too many discussions about feelings).  Turns out this is a very popular book that is being made into a movie and I see the movie trailer on television and it looks more like a mystery than a “chick book”.  Since it’s already paid for on a shared Kindle account I decide to read it.

Before The Fall

before the fallI was a little surprised when very early in the novel, Before the Fall, tragedy struck…and I’m talking big time tragedy involving the main characters…even before they have developed into main characters.  This was quite a strange start from author Noah Hawley.  I wasn’t sure what to make of it and really didn’t care for it, but the format kind of grew on me.  As the title suggests, the rest of the story is about what happens…before the fall.

The Charm School

charm schoolAuthor Nelson DeMille takes back to the Cold War deep inside Soviet Russia where United States’ “diplomats” work inside Moscow seemingly simultaneously against the KGB and the American diplomatic community…

“I need the truth.  The real truth, not the Soviet truth.  I need some information on a former Red Air Force training facility…North of Borodino…A former ground school.  The Komitet uses it for other purposes.  You know the one I mean, don’t you?…but it must not be too important, General, or you’d have told me long ago…It is so important, Colonel, so potentially dangerous for the future of Soviet-American relations and world peace, that it is better left alone…If you know anything about the facility at Borodino, you will know that getting me out of here is a cheap price for what I can tell you…It will blow your mind, Colonel.”


downfall In the third in the Sam Capra series, Downfall, Capra is drawn into a fight that he does not want when there is trouble at one of his bars.  A woman seems to be in trouble and he steps in only to be confronted by thugs.  As he tries to find out about the mysterious woman and her assailants he comes to the attention of a very dangerous man and his minions.  His attempts to wriggle free from this man who seems like the devil not only threaten his association with Mila and the Round Table, but his own family.

Understanding Where They Are Coming From

Hidden Brain logoMy previous post was a book review of The Black Widow by Daniel Silva.  The author’s Forward noted that he had written his novel which starts off with a series of terrorist attacks in France before the recent ISIS attacks.  Was he prescient or just “unlucky” in his guess.  He considered not publishing the book, but decided that it needed to be done.  The following quote from his book spoke to me regarding the latest terrorist attacks;