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Nothing to See Here

When an old high school friend reaches out to you with an offer you cannot refuse, do you answer?  What if you and the friend are from opposite ends of the tracks, yours being the bad side and you were used so she could flourish?  Why not drop everything to go visit?  What could go wrong?  It’s not like the kids catch on fire…

“I thought about Madison, maybe the most beautiful woman I’d ever met in real life, who was also so weirdly smart, always considering the odds of every scenario. If she had a job for me, I’d take it. I’d leave my mom’s attic. I’d empty out my life because I was honest enough to know that I didn’t have much that I’d miss when it disappeared.”

Sword Song: The Battle for London

“could have placed all my household troops in the small houses and, the moment the raiders came, erupted into the street with sword, ax, and spear, and we would have killed some of them, but in the dark many more would have escaped and I did not want one to escape. I wanted every Dane, every Norseman, every raider dead. All of them, except one, and that one I would send eastward to tell the Viking camps on the banks of the Temes that Uhtred of Bebbanburg was waiting for them.”

Without Remorse

In Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse (a “Jack Ryan Universe” book????), John Clark is the “hero” as he drifts a bit doing work for government using his SEAL skills.  When he happens upon a lost woman, things begin to turn around until they spiral out of control.  His loss becomes a call for revenge as he takes on criminals who act with impunity.  This in the backdrop of continuing aggression by the Vietnamese (North) as this is set against the backdrop of the Vietnam War.

The criminal element, though brutal, finds it difficult to match the skill and patience of an experience “black” operative.

The Day After Never – Perdition

In this the sixth book in The Day After Never Series, it picks up where the fifth novel leave off and the Chinese are landing in an attempt to take control of America’s northwest.  Both the town and Lucas are set to get away, but things don’t go as planned and a group decides to return to return to help some folks who were left behind.  Facing overwhelming odd, they look to take on a highly trained AND armed Chinese force.

Loose Ends

“Someone was watching, Mira seemed to think, perhaps tapping her phone or the house itself, and she worried enough to try a bit of cloak and dagger. I attempted to tease out more observations, Sherlock Holmes style, but the only thing on my list was the fact that the client claimed not to be able to leave her home, yet the business card had been hand delivered. I was throwing on my blazer when I heard the groan.  instinctively my left hand dropped to the butt of my weapon, right reaching for the phone again. That was another reason I liked the hard line – 911 had a much better response time and the dispatch center would see my name and address on their screens.”


A drive in the evening puts an elderly couple in a rural area when the husband hits something.  Thinking of a wild animal, the stop the car to check.  A naked body is what they find and the damage from them hitting her is the least of her problems.  Will Trent, the troubled Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) finds himself attracted to the case much to the dismay of the local police.  The novel is laced with friction between GBI and the local police to the point where it should be criminal.  When another woman goes missing things heat up.  Is she the next victim?

By the Rivers of Babylon

I’ll start this review off with a note about the author; Nelson DeMille.  I yet to read one of his novels that was not top rate.  I haven’t read all of his books (I’m getting close), but this man can write.  Thanks a lot Mr. DeMille!

“You couldn’t make a political or diplomatic move in the Middle East without tripping over five thousand years of history and bad blood. That was something the Americans, for instance, never understood. Events that took place three millennia ago were brought up at international conferences as though they had taken place the week before last. Given all that, was there hope for any of them? “But not so strange.”

Lords of the North

“Then I drew Serpent-Breath and I saw that Hild had looked after the blade well. It shone with a light coating of lard or lanolin that had prevented the patterned steel from rusting. I raised the sword to my lips and kissed her long blade. “You have men to kill,” I told her, “and revenge to take.”

Daughter of War

In biological warfare parlance there is a substance known as “Red Mercury”.  It is a weapon, much like the old neutron bomb that will kill humans, but leave infrastructure in place for the victors.  In this case the virus is very short-lived, killing those exposed only to die itself shortly there after.  What will happen if a country like Syria or North Korea acquires such a weapon?

Operator Down

“Aaron steeled himself, knowing he would have to trade in order to be rescued, and the currency in question was pain. He had to force them to hunt in Israel. The man in front of him had no idea of what he was threatening when he mentioned Aaron’s partner. He thought he understood pain. Understood death. And he probably did, on an earthly plane. But Shoshana was made of something entirely different. She was a supernatural predator who caused fear even in Aaron. Going after her would guarantee a response, if he could remain alive long enough to see it. Shoshana would unleash her skills only if she deemed the reason worthy, and, unfortunately for these men, harming him would trigger a reaction unlike anything they had ever seen. Because he had the honor of being deemed worthy.”